New Release – Amille “Temporary Paradise”

Temporary Paradise is a song that was created in a twilight between darkness and dusk. A time when I was really down, where I felt I couldn’t communicate with my surroundings which left me feeling very lonely and vulnerable. In order to get back into gear and point my inner compass in the right direction, I first had to shut out the outside world and concentrate on myself – in a safe haven; my temporary paradise – to be able to heal before facing the outer world.

Coming out of a family of musical creators in Stockholm, Amille has been writing and producing her songs for nearly a decade, even if her best friends didn’t know about it. She started writing songs at home, which evolved into a way of understanding her feelings. She also pursued storytelling through journalism during and after university, an experience that fueled her songwriting even more. Amille redirected her energy toward music starting in 2015 and has been working on her catalog since.

Just like fellow Scandinavians MØ, Tove Lo and ALMA, Amille creates vocal-focused, self-empowering pop. These moody pop songs reflect Amille’s creativity in both the songwriting and production. She explains, “I couldn’t write or perform a song that didn’t mean something to me.”


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