Hua Li 化力 (Montreal Hip-Hop) Releases ‘Dynasty’ LP – LISTEN NOW

Montreal-based musician Hua Li has arrived with the release of her debut album, Dynasty. The record is out today via Next Door Records. This is her first full-length release since signing with the label. Over the past several months leading up to this release, Hua Li has been dropping some stellar singles and music videos. Check out her new release above and stay tuned for more exciting news on Hua Li!

Dynasty tells of Hua Li’s journey as second-generation Chinese-Canadian woman and deals with topics like deceitful love, family power dynamics and the profound imbalance that emotional adversity can deliver. Written over several years, this album collects the most authentic and personal songs from Hua Li to date, from declaration of feminist power and grace, “Mastery” and melancholic and hazy party anthem, “Social Meds” to devastating takedown of power abused, “Tell Her” and twisted love story, “Outwitted.” A co-production with Alexander Thibualt (a.k.a. Gloze), Dynasty is a combination of Montreal’s tradition of lush, lo-fi future beat with a twist of jazz sensibility and rap braggadocio. Completed with support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Montréal arts, interculturels, Dynasty is a fierce affirmation of self-representation for Hua Li.



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