Aussie Trap-metal pioneers The Weight Of Silence Return with New Single & Video “Runnin’ Through The 666”

Hot off a collab with Upon a Burning Body main man Danny Leal, The Weight of Silence are here to prove that trap metal isn’t a trend and neither are they. Continuing to prove their unique approach to a fresh genre, The Weight of Silence are “Runnin’ Through The 666” on their latest single, blending metalcore with the swagger of trap!

“While we’ve focused our recent 2 singles on the #TRAPMETAL movement, our brand new single “Runnin Through The 666″ could almost be placed as melodic hardcore!” vocalist Jacob Pederson breaks down. “This is the sound we started this band on, and even though we’re all about evolving with our sound, we will never forget where we came from. This one is for our day one fans!” 

The video for “Runnin’ Through the 666” premiered on September 18 through New Noise Magazine; it showcases the band’s live energy and the flare for the dramatic that can be heard in all of their songs. It’s undeniably an unconventional and sometimes silly approach, but The Weight of Silence’s roots in hardcore are evident in their music and in their dedication to their fans!



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