ART-P Releases ‘Beyoutiful’ EP

Zimbabwean-born, Newcastle-based Art-P brings a joyful exploration to pop. His exuberant delivery is unbridled in this celebration of song and self. Beyoutiful is a bold and expansive introduction to this young artist

Making it clear that he is determined to create a sound that is confident, approachable and unifying, Art-P is commanding as he fronts a range of high-energy pop. Across RnB, HipHop, some rock’n’roll and traditional Zimbabwean choral parts. Beyoutiful is outside of sonic trend but takes specific instruction from the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, Art-P is bold, passionate and unafraid to give his all, singing, rapping, shouting and compelling you to move with him.

‘I needed this EP to be an experience, for no song to sound the same or have the same message…I want this EP to be the corner stone to something special. I want people to feel everything I put in there.’ – Art-P 

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Art-P moved to Newcastle, Australia at the age of 18 to pursue his music career and further his studies. In this short time, Art has won a few talent shows, open mics, performed at Africultures, and had Why!? featured on Australia’s Hitlist on Spotify 

Beyoutiful was recorded and produced with collaborator Rhys Zacher, at his studio, Spinlight Studios. The pair working together to bend the rules with every track. Focus single Why?! going in just as hard as Midnight Star’s Freak-A-Zoid or George Clinton’s Atomic Dog with Art-P laying out his confusion with captivating intensity.

Not one to be easily boxed, Art-P’s Beyoutiful demands open ears and a welcoming heart, his approach to self-expression is one of simultaneous individuality and unity. His varied experience opening up contemporary music to all of life’s vivacity.



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