Canadian Pop Powerhouse Zoelly Releases “Blowing Smoke”, the heartsick sequel to her summer smash “Warning”

With vox lauded as “magnificent” by Indie Music Home, “impressive” via Keep Walking Music, “perfect” according to Loku, “amazing” in the ears of Popular Music, and “phenomenal” thanks to Unrecorded, Canadian indie pop powerhouse Zoelly is back with a new single, “Blowing Smoke” — available now, and featured on Spotify’s official Mellow Morning playlist!

“It’s a soft, melodious ballad filled with authentic emotion,” describes Richmond Hill/Toronto-based Zoe Katzberg.

Where her most recent (and critically acclaimed debut) release “Warning” served as just that — an upbeat but pointed heads up to a wayward partner about to miss their chance — “Blowing Smoke” falls in line as its heartsick sequel.

“I wanted to give a real-life look into a reality of a teen’s relationship,” Zoelly shares. “I wanted to touch on the negativity and hurt that can be caused when one is getting carried away by one’s personal bad habit.”

The track has grown to be a pet favourite for the 16-year old singer/songwriter.

“I haven’t been able to stop singing this song ever since it was written,” she confirms.

Shot in Toronto and featuring local talent Allexas Chabel and Andrew Kyrzyk, the video for “Blowing Smoke” is a interpretive nod to Zoelly’s crossover talent and affinity for stage acting and dancing as well.

“The rose in the video represents my heart,” the triple-threat artist details. “It’s an illustration of the love and impact of a relationship.

“Allexas represents me in the video, and Andrew represents the boy in the relationship. They nailed the illustration of the song’s emotions.

“The way this whole production went down, it was a blast!”

With her debut single still in rotation around the world, Zoelly continues to put pen to paper.

“What’s so exciting to me is ‘the unknown’,” Zoelly muses. “I love wondering where this journey is going to take me. Just knowing that my life is a ‘big book’ currently being written, and I am the writer…

“The possibilities are endless!”

“Blowing Smoke” is available now.






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