Adelaide Trio Red Morning Light Debut New Single – Over and Confused

With raw power and young ferocity, Adelaide trio Red Morning Light are about to take Adelaide’s music scene by storm… but the band, featuring Brothers Stefan (Vocals/Guitar) and Daniel Fedele (Bass/Vocals), and cousin Mathew Fedele (Drums), are far from new on the scene having spent most of their childhood playing music in venues around the South Australian capital.

Many may remember them when they first formed in 2007 under the guise of “Forbidde05n Envy” at just eleven years of age – on average. With the band moving out of their teens, new life experiences under their belts and a slew of new and old bands – the likes of Foo Fighters and The Maine – having helped to inspire and develop their new alternative rock hooks, they’ve naturally diversified and progressed in to what warranted a rebrand to Red Morning Light in late 2018. Why Red Morning Light? “Kings of Leon have been a massive inspiration to us,” says Stefan. “We decided to name the band after their song “Red Morning Light.”

“Over and Confused” is the quick paced single that will debut the band and it has all the makings of a hit! Utilising harmonizing vocals and gritty guitar riffs, “Over and Confused” lends on the theme of betrayal and regret, being the victim and coping the realities of lost respect, while presenting itself as a vessel in which to assist in that coping.

It’s about “feeling used by a particular person,” says Stefan. “It’s also the feeling of not knowing how to change, to make a situation better”.

With its intense energy and easy to sing along to hooks, Red Morning Light have tapped into a songwriting formula which many major label artists find much later in their careers.

Having spent most of this year writing and recording new music, they’ve knuckled down in preparation for this very day. With the release of their new single titled ‘Over and Confused’, it’s just a taste of what’s to come from the band.

“We have lots of new material to release in the coming months,” says Daniel.

With a strong passion to write, record and perform live with the backing of big ambitions, the band will strive to create and share new music with the world, as they embark on this new chapter.



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