Alt-folk Outfit SCI-FI ROMANCE Release New Album Dreamers & Runaways – Watch Debut Single “Voices” Video

Founding member and multi-instrumentalist Vance Kortla of alt-folk outfit SCI-FI ROMANCE has combined his Emmy award-winning writing skills with his love of comics in a new animated music video for the debut single, “Voices”, taken from their upcoming October 19 release, “Dreamers & Runaways”.

I think a lot of things were going on subconsciously that pointed me to the story that artist Mark Landry and I wound up telling“, reveals KORTLA on creating the comic for “Voices”.

I just started out by going through the lyrics to the song and trying to mentally collect visual images that they evoked, and look at those as pieces to fit together. I wasn’t consciously thinking about the family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border, but as soon as I started getting pages from Mark, I realized that the horror and helplessness I felt watching that whole situation unfold had definitely come through and informed the story we were telling. We actually did print a few copies of the comic. That’s what I filmed for the video. And all downloads of the album from our Bandcamp site come with a digital version of it, as well.”



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