Premiere – FLAVIA Debuts Her Newest Single “I Don’t Wanna Be Here”  TODAY

Vandala Magazine is so excited to present Electronic-Pop Recording Artist FLAVIA debut of her newest single entitled “I Don’t Wanna Be Here” today, available worldwide on all digital streaming platforms.

Life is exhilarating and heartbreaking and ridiculous. Might as well make the most of it as you burn it all down. Oh, and definitely love yourself. These are the themes in FLAVIA’s lyrics. There is a tangible strength in her music, an unapologetic curiosity about life, love, and sexuality. Layered over fluid and powerful beats that make you dance hips first. Eyes closed, middle finger up, smile on your face.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Here” is a celebration of love regardless of gender, race or sexuality. FLAVIA wrote this song about the beginning of a relationship, a time when it feels so magical that you want to spend every waking moment with that other person. That feeling of not be able to imagine your life without a person is so good it almost hurts. On a more personal note, FLAVIA says “I was dating and partially about my long term boyfriend. As a bisexual woman, I feel that I need an equal balance of masculine and feminine love in my life, this song is a reminder that love has no boundaries.”

An electronic singer-songwriter and producer who’s lived in Ireland, Italy, and just about every corner of the U.S. before landing in LA. Her live shows are a sonic and visual experience with colorful light and projection displays. This year, she performed at SXSW in Austin, various festivals on the West Coast and released her debut single that has become a viral sensation amazing hundreds of thousands of streams worldwide.

Get you copy today at iTunes/Apple Music:



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