Brother Ali Returns with a New Video and Single, “Sensitive”, plus limited 7-inch vinyl!

Brother Ali just blessed us with new track “Sensitive“.

“‘Sensitive’ deals with the reality that artists are often times faced with self doubt and a deep sense that the world isn’t hearing us as we’d like to be heard. This one was made at a time when I’d taken too long to release new music, had medical trouble with my voice and felt like I’d alienated fans with my political statements. Typical ‘tortured artist’ vibe that not many people talk about in Hip-Hop, but we all experience it on one level or another.” – Brother Ali

Watch the video above and stream or download the track below.

“Sensitive” is also available on limited, hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl, along with exclusive shirts, only at Fifth Element!  Hurry, they won’t last long! Get the 7″ Vinyl and Shirts

Brother Ali is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut album,
Shadows on the Sun.  Watch the video above to hear him talk about the album and get tickets below to see him perform the album in its entirety on the Shadows on the Sun: 15-Year Anniversary Tour! Tickets HERE


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