Album Review: Grewsum “Reboot EP” (Hip-Hop/Horror) + Album Stream

By Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons

Located near the center of Midwest America there is a graveyard that’s only capable of being discovered/seen when a full moon is shining upon it. It contains the bodies of wack emcees piled away in a massively sized casket underneath a single tombstone. The carved words on the front of it showcased the words “Here Lies Wack Emcees 2000-2018”; all corpses of the emcees still gripping on a mic with the name Donnie Darkflow slashed across their chests, dripping puss. Down the road from the graveyard is a local haunted, abandoned BlockBuster video store. It smells of melted VHS tapes meshed with a hint of rat piss. Inside lives an emcee who is awaiting to reboot his career. He’s kneeling down on pieces of broken glass and spray painted concrete, wearing a unique pair of headphones only used during harsh studio sessions, with albums of lame rappers smashed all around him, while holding tightly to a rusted hacksaw that’s dripping fresh blood of the many emcees who tried to snatch away the mic from this abandoned musical video store dweller. Grewsum is his name and he’s here to take hip-hop back to the darkness to abolish bubblegum hip-hop for good! And that’s why Grewsum’s “Reboot “EP was recorded in the first place, simply to jump back within the underground hip-hop scene and destroy weak hip-hop.

The EP’s key presentation is fully aimed at Grewsum showing off his emcee skills to prove he’s one of the top teen best Midwest emcees to dive into the abyss of horror. All of Grewsum’s bars contained within this gore flick hip-hop delight penetrate each beat of the six songs featured on Reboot like Pamela Sue Voorhees’s butchering camp counselors in response to her son’s death. This is Grewsum at his best, even delivering some stunning chopper status flow that will cause copycats to weep in shame. The track “Used To” is the Iowa emcee reaching out to his supportive fans and explaining why he had to pause his career three different times, while “LALALA” featuring Legion proves that Grewsum can conquer any beat presented to him, even when it sounds ridiculously happy.

Overall, fans should be happy that Grewsum is still beyond strong on the mic after slaughtering beats for over thirteen years, still capable of staying original, and pretty much body any new up-comer rapper on the planet!


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