Grant Earl LaValley Shares “Where Are All My Friends” Video | LP Out 10/13

Joshua Tree, CA-based, psych-folk artist Grant Earl LaValley announces his debut album, From LaValley Below, due out October 13th via Exit Stencil Recordings. Martin Craft, collaborator and band member of Jarvis Cocker, made notable contributions to the record, including production, recording, mixing and instrumental credits. All songs, except “The In-Betweens,” were mixed by producer Robert Harder, who has credentials with artists, such as, The Slits, David Byrne and Brian Eno.

All Things Go shared second single and official music video for “Where Are All My Friends,” noting its “dark imagery” presented through “psychedelic flashbacks.” In keeping with Grant Earl LaValley’s communal, DIY and collaborative lifestyle, From LaValley Below was recorded with a number of friends, in various cities and environments throughout the US. The album was inspired by hot Joshua Tree summers, summers that were too harsh for human habitation, and the journey to find somewhere to exist. In search for cooler climates and better conditions for recording, LaValley and his dog would hop into their ’87 Toyota van, and explore the US, recording in mobile locations. These places include his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and studios in Chicago and Los Angeles. LaValley’s record presents diverse instrumentation with its collaborative effort and communal vibe. It displays his vagabond, on the road lifestyle as a major influence, as well. While gearing up for this debut, he is currently residing in an off the grid cabin in the California desert. LaValley elicited additional musical collaboration for this release from a crew of visionary artists, including Martin Craft, Hans Wagner and Victoria Williams.



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