What does Atlas Genius do backstage after a show, on their North American Tour?

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“#14! #14!” One of the fans behind me started yelling as Keith Jeffery, lead singer of the Atlas Genius, introduced their latest song “63 days”. What the fan was referring to was the position of the song on one of the top charts around the country. While I’m not sure which chart he was talking about, it’s not hard to believe that Atlas Genius’ new hit song would end up in the Top 20s. Especially with “63 Days”, a song that highlights Keith Jeffery’s sultry vocals.

Newly started on their North American Tour, the LA-based Australian band, was full of energy as they performed their 3rd show on the road. But I think even if this were their last show, Atlas Genius would still have brought that energy. Their songs are punchy, many of them having that “I can’t help but rock out to this song” beat. Keith was dynamic on stage, rocking out, and then jumping into the crowd, making us move along with him. There was no way you’d come out of that venue not having danced even just a little bit.

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After the show, I met up with the guys backstage. Immediately as I walked through the door, Keith recognized me and gave me a warm hug and a can of PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer), his beer of choice because it is “easy to drink”. I had to agree with that as I took a sip out of the can. We quickly caught up since over a year had passed since I last saw him and the band. For them it seemed so much had happened, like appearing on the Conan O’Brien show and starting this tour.

Speaking with the Jeffery brothers, Keith and Michael, was like hanging out with your old buddies. Keith talked about being vegan and why he became vegan 8 years ago – mostly for environmental and showing kindness and compassion to animals. In fact, the whole band is vegan. Josh (Josh Rheault, guitar/keys) himself becoming the most recent vegan since the beginning of the year. Besides our serious talk about the environment, health and kindness to animals, we did what most friends do when together – look through Instagram and laugh at funny videos. Dan (Daniel Curcio, bass) had edited a funny video and posted it on Instagram and we couldn’t help but watch it over and over again.

The night with the band was short, however as they had to leave at 1 am to move on to the next city- Portland. It is a brutal schedule. They spent most of the night disassembling and packing. Once they were done packing we left the venue and boarded their giant tour bus. I got the grand 1 minute, but impressive tour from Keith. Their bus had 9 bunks and a shower in the back. Not too shabby. Keith mentioned he is still getting used to sleeping on the bus. But he was grateful that they at least didn’t have to do the driving.

I was sad they had to leave so soon. The guys were so down to earth and great to hang out with. I wished them good luck on their tour. “Next time you’re in LA, come hang out,” Michael said as I got off the bus. I definitely will.

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