White Fever Release New Track Off Their New EP

London dark indie-pop band White Fever release their new EP ‘Concrete’ on 29th September.

Following the release of the anthemic single ‘Sands‘, the band have now shared a second track taken from the EP. ‘Everyone’s Got Their Price’ is the EP closing track, concluding the collection with sparsely ethereal vocals preceding an upbeat, bass-driven chorus. While the song explores the voyeuristic frustration of watching other people living lives seemingly better than our own, it celebrates the defiance in recognising that whatever you have is at least yours and no one else’s.

The EP is a collection of stories about love: the tragic love story of a brother and a sister, nostalgia, loss, abandonment and the uncertainty of how to love oneself.

White Fever’s passion for by-gone musical eras and cinema gets re-invented with a contemporary twist and sprinkled with elements of post punk. Coupled with singer Ida Jacobsson-Wells’ haunting vocals, their music brings to mind the likes of Daughter, Cocteau Twins and Radiohead.


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