Capyac Shares New Single and Music Video for “Bubblegum”

High Snobiety has shared the video for Capyac’s single “Bubblegum”. When talking about the video the band says, “”Bubblegum” started out as a sketch on the Prophet 08 synthesizer. Sugz wrote the lyrics, and we asked KD to come in and rap even though she had never done it before. Helmut Studio produced the video, which was directed by world-famous director Ursula Barker and shot in her living room. It was a very cold day.” Vocalist K.D. Kinetic added, “[Bubblegum] unpacks the buildup of female frustration into a rousing “BITCH” while still providing a catchy pop song that I think even misogynists could accidentally find themselves dancing too.” “Bubblegum” is out now on Spotify.

CAPYAC is a surreal dance act made up of one-half swamp baby (P. Sugz), one half agave plant (Potion). To question the origins of the band is to ponder the origin of humanity itself. When founding member Potion stumbled upon the name, half-conscious on his bedroom floor at 3 a.m., it was nonsense, much like the primordial soup from which life on this planet emerged. Soon after, he performed his first show at the 2014 closing party of the now-defunct Wardenclyffe Gallery. That summer, P. Sugz joined the band. From that moment it was a flurry of late night sets in dirty apartments, college co-ops, and a rotation of local venues. The duo began to sculpt a unique sound out of their diverse musical backgrounds. They gained notoriety online after their debut EP Movement Swallows Us in 2015, followed up by releases on Lavish and Crosswalk Records. Their full-length album Headlunge was released June 1st and represents more than a year of collaboration between the two. Reviewed and championed across the world from top HypeMachine blogs in France, Australia, UK, Germany, US and more, the singles “Speedracer”, “Talk About” and “Fascination” have accumulated over 1.5 million plays across Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. Although CAPYAC’s polished releases have propelled them forward, the soul of the band will always be rooted in the improvisatory nature of their live show.


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