Boiler Room: Josef Leimberg & The Astral Progressions Ensemble

Earlier this year, the prestigious Boiler Room took Josef Leimberg & The Astral Progressions Ensemble under their wing, supplying the group with a full camera and sound mixing crew to document their modern form of experimental jazz music. Trailing off the release of Josef’s debut LP Astral Progressions, the album was praised from press and radio all over the world, complete with features from Kamasi WashingtonTerrace MartinBilalGeorgia Anne MuldrowMiguel Atwood-Ferguson, and Kurupt.
Boiler Room captured the band during an afternoon set at Iron Worx, Josef’s multi-room recording facility in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. This has been home to studio sessions for artists all over the map, including SZAErykah BaduKendrick LamarSnoop Dogg,George Clinton, and many more. The group performs three cuts from the Astral Progressions LP, with an introductory segment that brings viewers into the culture of Josef’s music lineage and artistic approach. Josef and his band are deep in the lab working on the next release and this is a beautiful summation of the energy and spirit that has gone into the launch of Astral Progressions.
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