#TBT: Red Hot Chili Peppers Style + Photos

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Article and Photos By Heiko Ryll 
Full Photo Gallery at the Bottom

Over one thousand LED ligh fixtures, resembling small pool noodles, filled the width of of the arena above the sold out Rogers Place crowd in Edmonton, Alberta on May 25, 2017. The lights travelled up to 60 feet at 10 feet per second in and out of unison, into shapes and into the bands logo all while changing colors. Designer Scott Holthaus designed the largest, automated, kinetic lighting installation in concert touring history. It still could not overpower or outperform the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Josh Klignhoffer and Chad Smith brought their incredible chemistry and musicianship to keep the sold out crowd on their feet for the full set on a perfect Alberta spring night.

The show kicked off with three way intro jam that combined Funk, Blues and Rock in a way that only the RHCP could pull off. “Around the World” brought Anthony to the stage and 1000 lights started their dance. The chemistry of the band goes beyond the music as all the members become one symbiotic entity created my the songs that allow them to all move in uncontrollable ways and never once come in contact with each other. Anthony spins all over the stage while Flea hops and thrusts, Josh bends and thrashes all in perfect time and dynamics to Chad’s rhythms.

Highlights of the night were Flea singing “Mommy, Where’s Daddy?” and the first time ever played live “Dosed” with guest guitarist Zach Irons from opener Irontom. The night only had one two-song encore culminating in “Give It Away” and finished with Chad Smith remarking how loud the crowd was.

Jack Irons, a previous drummer with RHCP, opened the night showcasing his drumming skills to digital compositions and guest musicians followed by his son’s, Zach Irons, band Irontom. Their energy, performance and great hooks make them a band to watch for in the coming years.

Overall this RHCP show was more engaging, energetic and entertaining than the last time they came through town over 5 years ago. A generational inspiration that started with the youth of Irontom and finished with the musicianship, energy and showmanship of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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