Romantic Music Video From Omar Alhindi “Lust”

Omar Alhindi is the next big thing in pop music. The central California-born pop artist started his burgeoning music career young, signing with Tyme Records at only fifteen years old. An emotional storyteller, he combines unforgettable pop melodies with emotional experiences pulled from his own life — a winning combination of sonic aesthetics and audience engagement. With his debut single, “Back to You,” he explored the importance of appreciating the people and things in life before it’s too late. Listeners instantly connected and Omar’s dedicated fanbase began to develop.

The hard hitting “Twisted” launched that fanbase even further, seeing him expanding into gyrating dance beats and synth-infused vocals dripping with lush harmonic choruses. It was the dawn of a new sound for the artist who took a much needed sabbatical from popular music to find his own way. In those quiet moments he discovered the feel good vibe and beat- centric sound that is now his staple.

His debut record, a project that’s soaked up his creativity and determination for four years, is blissed out with hip-hop beats and synthy pop melodies that earworm their way into your memory with just one listen. With each track, he aims to come from a positive place, taking even the most heartbreaking moments and turning them into uplifting experiences of growth and hopefulness.

He currently released his latest album, Bedhead: Part 1, and has been actively promoting it through various channels. Omar has recently debuted his exclusive new single, “Lust,” pulled from the same album. The video for “Lust” is very anticipatory and satisfying at the same time. Long-time fans, and new fans will see a more romantic and sultry side to Omar.

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