Murlo ‘Club Coil’ EP on Mixpak and Watch New Animated Video ‘Tired Of You’

UK producer Murlo returns to Mixpak for his third EP, Club Coil, a glistening, six-track release of bold R&B futurism and subtle club tropes, complete with illustrated artwork and hand-animated videos made by Murlo himself.

A fitting follow-up to his two previous records, the instrumental Odyssey EP and entirely vocal-driven Jasmine, Club Coil is a mature and emotive club dreamscape that embraces depth of feeling on a cohesive mix of songs and pure dance tracks.

Lead single ‘Tired Of You’ is fierce and cathartic, featuring signature hypnotic melodies, frenetic video game aesthetics and those ever-so-Murlo helium vocals. It’s accompanied by an official video that deftly leads you further into his sci-fi noir imagination and distills his vision of UK-meets-other-world.

As always, Murlo is irreverent to genre and sonic norms, and Club Coil only serves to amplify just how thoroughly unique an artist he is, one who remains totally unmoved by the world that exists beyond his own.

Announcing my new EP ‘Club Coil’ – out May 19th on Mixpak
First single is ‘Tired Of You’ – video by me
Preorder now ☞

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