Sexy Singing Siren Abby Dallas Sizzles with Dancehall Track “Gold Digger”

With the title track “Gold Digger” one might have a pre-conceived idea of the song’s subject, but as the soulful dancehall and reggae singing sensation Abby Dallas explains, “The song “Gold Digger” is about strong women who are empowered and they can voice want they want.”

Produced by renowned Lamar “riff raff” brown and co producer Kamal Evans for Genna Storm productions, the sizzling single has taken Jamaica’s airwaves by storm blaring from Irie FM to Mello FM, while blazing popular street parties such as “Weddy Weddy” and “Yeng Yeng Fridays”. The story of “Gold Digger” is a tale as old as time, it is about relationships and how money plays a part, ” It’s basically the economics of love” says Abby, she further explains “The song actually came about a joke between myself and my friends. After going on date with a guy (he is the one that asked me out), he received the bill he looked at it and said would you like to take the bill. To my surprise I thought he was joking, but after I realized that he was dead serious, so i thought to my self “a weh bruck a 2017 when you say Gold Digger, it goes for both men and women LOL”

“It’s a playful song not to be taken too seriously, but for all the men that like to brag about all that they can offer, I sing Put your money where yuh mouth is Car affi buy and couple houses MIi bank account it affi loaded Fi do me hair and buy mi groceries..” – Abby Dallas

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