Mira Aasma Releases “Snow White Wedding”

Since releasing debut single ”Ghost” in December 2015 twenty year old Gothenburg native Mira Aasma has taken giant steps towards the stars. Follow up ”Stereoscope EP” got praise from The 405, Noisey, Bon Magazine and Nordic By Nature, and she did a full Swedish summer tour, including gigs with current Swedish superstar Miriam Bryant. Since then Mira’s been working in classic Gothenburg indie studio Music-A-Matic, producing what is now her forthcoming debut album for Birds Records.

We find ourselves in between the experimental, dark and dystopia, just as much as in the playful, cheerful and welcoming state of mind. Contrasts. Pounding bass meets violins and choirs. Vocal sounds taken from everyday life finds its way through samplers and gets out in completely different shapes and forms. Digital and mechanical sounds clashes with the warmth of analogue.

Mira’s been writing, producing and recording this material by herself, also playing the main share of the instruments on the album. The album was mixed and mastered in Stockholm by Robin Rudén.

First single out is “Snow White Wedding”, as song described by Mira like this: “My friend and I were out walking on a foggy day in Bohuslän, when we suddenly stumbled into a small sign by the lake about a bridal couple that had fallen down through the ice to drown there on their wedding anniversary many years ago. Just a moment later two white swans emerged from the fog on the lake and we started walking back to the cottage feeling quite a little strange and very excited to write songs.”

Tour dates 2017:

19/04 – Graz (AT) – Café Wolf
20/04 – Kesckemet (HU) – Musik Cafe Kilele
21/04 – Budapest (HU) – Zeg Zug
22/04 – Pécs (HU) – Nappali
26/04 – Mainz (DE) – Annabatterie
27/04 – Beriln (DE) – Schokoladen
28/04 – Leipzig (DE) – Sofar Sounds
29/04 – Copenhagen (DK) – Café Retro
19/05 – Stockholm (SE) – Nomad (w/ Luna Green)
24/05 – Göteborg (SE) – Röda Sten Konsthall
02/06 – Stockholm (SE) – Pop House


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