November 2016 Vandala Magazine – Taking Back Sunday, Alice Cooper, Ozzfet Meets Knotfest and more

What better way to head into November than with live music, books and new releases. First off we had a great interview with John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday about the new album, changes and more. Another great band we caught up with was Pansy Division which took some interesting turns with the guys. Vandala also had the pleasure to talk with Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop in his book “Original Gangsters” Plus tours and more festivals! Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, Alice Cooper, Tokyo Police Club, Cyndi Lauper, Tegan & Sara and more. This and our regular features all free!  READ HERE FREE

01November 2016 Cover Interview: Diving Into Tidal Wave With John Nolan […]

Nolan spoke to us about some of the big changes the group made during the production of the album and the direction of Tidal Wave.

A Night to Remember With Alice Cooper […]A Night With Alice Cooper

“Original Gangsters” Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop […]Interview "Original Gangsters" Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2016 […] Ozzfet meets Knotfest 2016

The Show Must Go On – Interview with Pansy Division […]The Show Must Go On - Interview with Pansy Division

Pain, Hope, and SpongeBob Interview with The Body & Full of Hell […]Interview The Body and Full Of Hell Other Highlights

November 2016 Vandala Magazine Contents*J Reno “Politikilla” (Hip-Hop/Rap)
*Still Corners “Dead Blue” (Pop)
*Slaves “Take Control” (Rock)
*Lo Key “Demon Days” (Hip-Hop/Horror)
*Phantogram “Three” (Dream Pop, Electronica)
*Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman “Lice Two: Still Buggin” (Hip/Hop)
*Gabriel and the Apocalypse “The Ghost Parade” (Gothic/Industrial)
*Book Review: Harley Flanagan Hardcore: Life of My Own
*Cyndi Lauper Brings Detour to Arlington Theater
Tegan and Sara Nov. 2016 Vandala Magazine*Photo Highlights: Tegan & Sara
*Dave Stewart: Another Magical Night of Music at the Troubadour in Hollywood
*Photo Highlights: Morris Day and The Time
*Australian Indie Band Sticky Fingers Make it a Beer Night
*Photo Highlights: Tokyo Police Club 

And Much More 



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