IS TROPICAL Releases ‘Believe/What You Want’ Music Video + Album Stream

IS TROPICALFollowing the release of the first four installments of Black Anything, IS TROPICAL released the final installment, ‘Believe/What You Want’ via the band’s new label NYC based Axis Mundi Records in March 2016.

IS TROPICAL have now shared the video for ‘Believe’. As the band told Wonderland Magazine: “’Believe’ is all about the inner struggle of losing your faith and realising everything you were once taught was a lie. I was reading an article about how people are affected by natural disasters. During the Nepal earthquake locals were talking about watching religious temples and shrines fall around them, killing loved ones and as a result lost all their religious beliefs, ‘I don’t need it anymore, I can’t feel it anymore’.

With the video we created shots that mirrored the artwork for the album that David Abrahams and Christian Ashton had previously made. We wanted the video to have the same uneasy, restless feel as the song that could visual convey an inner struggle.”

IS TROPICAL have just returned home from a tour that has taken them around Europe, the US, a stop in the Moroccan desert to film the video for Follow the Sun, Lebanon and Turkey and more recently Ukraine and Latvia. They return to London on 15 October to play Hackney Wonderland, with more dates to be announced soon.


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