Album Review: Hammock – Everything And Nothing (Atmospheric/Ambient)

Hammock - Everything And NothingBy Michael Smith – 4.5/5 Dragons
From June 2016 Vandala Magazine

A powerful and highly emotional release, that is like looking through a hazy kaleidoscope in slow motion. The songs have a sense of tragedy, and transport the listener to the scene of an art house film where everything seems to have fallen apart, and you’re left seeking clarity. Looking to the sky for answers, a sign, hope, anything. The wind gently blowing through your hair, as you impassively gaze at the dusk sky lost in more than only your thoughts. The setting sun has a lens flare effect exploding behind you. Does this protagonist discover themselves? Or are they destined to remain wandering the path of the dejected, for what bit of a life may be left. These answers can only be found in the narrative of the listener. The band has created the setting(s), you to create the story. An ethereal sound wave penetrates your psyche, passes through the personal walls, forcing you to confront what’s living deep in the limbic system. So, again, how does this coming of age tale end? Where does the story go from here? Escape into the universe of Everything And Nothing, and discover the path you create, and the answers you find.


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