JEZABELS premiere video for MY LOVE IS MY DISEASE;The Jezabels are thrilled to premiere the next single and video for “My Love Is My Disease” from their new album Synthia. The LP is available now via Dine Alone Records at: The song is accompanied by a darkly humourous video that was directed by Jonathan Lim, and created in Tokyo.

The video features Kenichi Ito – the Guinness World Record holder for being the fastest man on 4 limbs! Of creating the video, Jonathan has said: “When I got the brief from the band, they sent the track, and a clip from Run Lola Run. The Run Lola Run clip fit with the song really well as “My Love Is My Disease” has a driving progressive sound to it. I started to think about how to put running in a different context, and for some reason started looking at videos of humans running like dogs. That’s when I stumbled across Kenichi. There were a bunch of news articles about him. He’s a world champion and the current Guinness World Record Holder. He is quite famous in Japan, and a really nice guy. If anyone has the need for a Japanese man, running like a monkey. I’d recommend him.”

Of the song itself, lead singer Hayley Mary has said: “It’s about de-stigmatising illness I think, particularly mental illness, but physical too. I guess it can be such a burden for people when they feel alone in it. Maybe the hyperbolic tone of the song is a little bit of an attempt to be a bit self satirical and bring a lightness to the topic of illness, because sometimes owning your ailments, and laughing a little at yourself and the incredible tragicomedy of life helps you get through it I suppose.”

Synthia is the third album from the acclaimed Australian band and was recorded in Sydney with producer/engineer Lachlan Mitchell. Of the album and recording process, Hayley Mary notes, “This is a record we made ourselves, at our own behest…we just had a natural momentum. We were back in Sydney [from London] in January, got together to rehearse and wrote about four songs in a week.” She continues, “Previously I’ve shrouded myself a lot in mystery and the language of romanticism; played roles and stuff—which reflected some kind of truth about how I felt as a woman. Now I feel like I can be much more upfront…the truth about how it feels to be a woman has become a more prominent part of the general conversation in the last couple of years…these are exciting times. I think we’ve made an album that celebrates that.”

Since the release of their breakout debut, Prisoner (2011), The Jezabel’s Sam Lockwood (guitar), Nik Kaloper (drums), Hayley Mary (vocals), and Heather Shannon (keys), continue to earn widespread praise for their “anthemic sound” (Relix). Their follow-up album, The Brink (2014), caught the attention of Rolling Stone, Esquire, Elle Magazine and more, for a sound that Noisey called, “a bold cut of emotive, epic-pop, hinged on Hayley’s sky-scaling Stevie Nicks-ian melodies.”


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