Rustee Ray Levy – ‘Complicated’ Single – Streaming Here

Rustee Ray LevyGrowing up in Sydney, Australia Rustee Ray Levy began playing music at the age of five when he was dragged to piano lessons. He hated every moment but, ironically, the result was a discovery for the passion of creating music. A fan of the blues and 1960s-era rock and roll, Rustee began making his first lo-fi recordings of his own compositions before starting high school.

Growing up playing music in church, Rustee started his first band in high school, playing covers. His next band, Rosewreath, formed in 2007 with Rustee on lead vocals and guitar. They performed in pubs and clubs around Sydney before disbanding a year later and Rustee, choosing to venture solo, achieved his first record deal with Nashville label, Luna Chica Records in 2011.

Rustee’s music is of a deeply personal nature, the honesty and openness in which he reveals himself is what engages the listener from beginning to end. It is quite clear that his personal life is where he draws the inspiration. That is why when listening to Rustee you not only hear his music, but you experience his life journey, right there along with him.

As Rustee’s music career has grown, his musical style has developed with him. There are no typical comparisons to his music but could best be described as rhythmic, electric and raw.

The song “Complicated” is the second single off his debut upcoming albumA+E. Recorded at The Grove and produced by Rakz Mather from Signacion Music, “Complicated” is a sober reflection of love in the 21st Century.

“Complicated” by RUSTEE RAY LEVY will be released 25th of March 2016


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