Streaming Now: Oh White Mare – ‘Outsiders’ Single

Oh-White-Mare… [A] gritty sound, two singers-come-guitarists taking turns on the lead and often doubling over each other adding a great range to the sound… Definitely a group to keep your sights on.” – The Music

After spending their formative days writing songs and honing their skills in an old attic owned by Aussie music legend Snowy Fleet, Perth-based garage rockers Oh White Mare are set to unleash the brand new single “Outsiders”.

This release follows on from their 2015 debut single, released via The A&R Department, “All Right”, with the band again working with Andy Lawson at Perth’s famed Debaser Studios, and mastering by Grammy winner William Bowden at King Willy Sound.

Exploring a story of mateship and rebellion, “Outsiders” defines the Oh White Mare aesthetic. The swag-filled beat, vocal hooks & sparse riff of the opening section is countered by spurts of true garage guitar fuzz – with the song building to a frantic lyric spitting finale.

Guitarist/vocalist Ross Wood notes “From a classic writing perspective, we are certainly proud of “Outsiders” in that we captured the desired feel and sound, all placed into an arrangement which is really engaging. More importantly it reflects the path the band is on, and is super fun to play live.”

To celebrate the release, Oh White Mare is throwing a launch party at exciting new Perth venue The Boston on Saturday 19th March 2016. Accompanying them for this foot-stamping ‘n holler show will be cool up-and-comers Black Stone From The Sun, Beach Aunty, Buddy Phoenix and a solo set by Michael Paolino (Husband).

Taking influence from the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White – Oh White Mare’s new record and upcoming shows should not be missed.

For Fans Of: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White

“Outsiders” by OH WHITE MARE will be released 25th of March 2016.


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