Churchhouse Creepers: Debut Album From Icelandic Stoner Rockers Now Streaming Online

Churchhouse CreepersNow you can hear Churchhouse Creepers’ debut full-length “From Party To Apocalypse” in full via the band’s bandcamp page HERE.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Emissary by Stephen Lockhart, the album displays a highly energetic stoner heavy-rock that pays homage to classic artists like Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy, but also brings to mind the more recent sounds of The Vintage Caravan and Graveyard.

“From Party To Apocalypse” was digitally released on November 28th and a physical release on cd is expected in early 2016.

Churchhouse Creepers have been knocking out people with their unique twist of energetic stoner-fused party, good time rock n‘roll for the past few months. During their first year of activity, they‘ve played every club and toilet available and willing to accept them in Iceland, and soon generated a big fuzz in the alternative scene with their powerful and entertaining live shows, moving around like drunk gymnasts and partying like there is no tomorrow.  Reykjavík’s Grapevine Magazine perfectly described one of their live shows: “Churchhouse Creepers showed up ready to party, bringing more fun than a sackful of kittens and a laser beam pointer. They can best be described as a fully packaged, high quality stoner-tinged rock act, looking the part to a tee and displaying some high quality songwriting to boot.

The band first started when Bjarni Jóhannes Ólafsson (guitar/vocals) and Sigurgeir Lúðvíksson (bass/backing vocals), started meeting every Friday to write the biggest grooves possible, influenced by stoner, progressive rock and metal. The grooves soon got faster and more technical but never strayed far from the party. A year later they were joined by drummer Dagur Atlason, who brought everything nicely together with huge Bonham style grooves.

With their first album “From Party To Apocalypse” just released, they are just getting started, aiming to flatten everything in their path. Make sure you catch the band live if they are in your area!


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