TAYLOR PAYNE Releases ‘Outsider’ Single

tayler payne“Outsider” is fascination. It’s an unrelenting thirst for action, or a chronic desire to be awakened. The claustrophobia in a wide space crawling with people who want you to be neither this nor that. It’s the magic one will always find in the strange and the uncommon.

Taylor Payne, currently based on the Sunshine Coast has been focussing seriously on pursuing music as a career for a few years now. Having just released the first single with The A&R Department “Outsider”, the song takes an alluring and enigmatic persona through persuasive lyrics. Whilst it maintains its upbeat playfulness, it reveals dark undertones which depicts an image of mischief, madness and fun. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Cure, andFlorence and the Machine.
(“Outsider” was recorded at Heliport Studios, Buderim, mixed by Elliot Hendrich and mastered by Mike Marsh. )

Taylor very heavily includes art and visual representation with music and feels as though the song would be incomplete without the depth of imagination to go with it.

“It would seem ordinary and bare if I put an average photo of myself with my name on the CD cover, or did a music video of myself playing and singing. People can come to my gigs if they want to see that” says Taylor Payne 

You can expect to hear more from Taylor in 2016 playing in local venues.  www.facebook.com/taylorpaynemusic

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