Album Review – Tamaryn – ‘Cranekiss’ (Pop/Alternative)

tamaryn_cranekiss_album_stream_mexican_summer_the_405_new_music_newsBy Michael Smith
4/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; October 2015 Issue
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Times have changed very much in the world of this drone-heavy shoegaze duo. The musical atmosphere they once created, littered with washed out sounds reminiscent of Psychocnady-era Jesus And Mary Chain, has been skillfully replaced with a synth-heavy dream-pop sound more along the lines of what you heard from Cocteau Twins in the Late 80s and early 90s. The group appears to fully embrace this 80s inspiration on the tracks “Hands All Over Me” and “Last”, both of which carry a cheery vibe to them musically, though they still carry melancholic undertones that let listeners know that this is not an album for cranking in the car, windows down, with your friends on a Friday night. Halfway through the album the mood does change, and a more directly dark and somber aura directs the album. Some fans may be disillusioned by the group’s choice to expand their musical horizons. However in doing so you are robbing yourself of hearing a stylishly made dreampop album. Instead of deriding a group trying to explore something a little different, celebrate them for not allowing themselves to become stagnant in one sound or genre, and even more so for doing as well as Tamaryn has on Cranekiss. The new sound should make the band a more approachable listen, compared to previous releases where the heavy overhang of noise could dissuade listeners not fond of the shoegaze genre. This injection of new direction to the band will equip them to create an even greater experience for their live audience. Upon even the first listen, one will know how much a song the likes of “Softcore” will add a new depth to an already beautifully hypnotic live show.


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