Block by Block: Understanding The Human Experience

The Human ExperienceLos Angeles based producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, David Block has been taking over the globe with his primary project The Human Experience. Combining sounds and emotions from around the world, Block has transformed his performances into a truly unique experience which goes well beyond what most acts deliver. With myriad of sold-out shows, jam-packed festival slots, and a number of upcoming dates and releases to get excited about, there are countless reasons to familiarize yourself with The Human Experience.

Since the debut release of Inaudible Sounds in 2010, The Human Experience has been taking large steps to climb to the peak of the electronic scene. Growing in the hearts of his fans and making a name for himself on the stage, Block is the solemn sweetheart with the power to make you smile and sway.

Recently performing in front of packed crowds and main stage performances alike at Wakarusa, Lightning in the Bottle, ARISE Music Festival and Beloved Festival just this summer; Block has been keeping himself busy by performing a range of exclusive and extravagant shows across the country. From selling out intimate art shows with famed visual artist Android Jones, to performing at some of the largest music festivals around the globe, Block is proving his worth to the world and his dedication to the project’s future. A strong believer in the power of collaboration, Block has worked on projects with numerous artists such as Ignacio Perez (Buena Vista Social Club), William Close (The Earth Harp), Random Rab, Quixotic, and Rising Appalachia. In addition to releasing music with other groups, Block knows the importance of keeping his fans satisfied and is well-known for his ability to consistently deliver outstanding new releases to the public.


Human Experience: Paul Weinfield, Danny Musengo, and David Block (left to right).

With this in mind, keep your eyes peeled for a new EP WAVS set to release in the upcoming weeks as well as a collaboration track with renowned hip-hop legend The GrouchQuixotic along with a number of side projects on the burner.

Paralleling his passion for music, David Block is also a firm believer of consciously living in the now through a healthy, organic lifestyle. Leading by example, The Human Experience, and other artists Papadosio, The Polish Ambassador, Rising Appalachia, and Emancipator Ensemble, have partnered with co-creator of Isness Productions Scott Franklin Manning to promote sustainable agriculture within the music industry.

Isness Productions hopes to hearten the use of sustainable agriculture and one day make it the primary practice for all nutritional needs. They encourage and support this cause by the use of organic products from companies like: Organic India USAGarden Of LifeHawaiian OLAUncle Matt’s OrganicChocolatlWindy City OrganicsHappy Girl Kitchen Co.Happy Moose, Juice North Coast OrganicsBig Tree FarmsCoconut OrganicsGrassroots California. A generous portion of the proceeds go to Hemp Awareness Activism, which has unlimited potential to change our planet for the better in a profound way.

On a constant trek for knowledge, understanding, and new perspectives, Block forms his music and projects around the ideas and wisdom he gains traveling around the world. A regular at events such as Burning Man, Symbiosis, Boom, and Envision, we cannot be sure where you will see Block next. All we’re sure of is that you will surely never forget your first Human Experience.

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