Folk-Rockers CITIZEN OF THE WORLD Release New Single/VIdeo for ‘How Far We’ve Come’

Citizen Of The WorldCitizen of the World is a folk-rock band from Sydney. The band was originally formed in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2012 by singer songwriter Gerrit Gmel and old friends who wanted to play music together, writing songs inspired by those stories that shape your life. Formed again in 2013 in Sydney the band quickly started to find a spot in the local music scene. Within the first year, the band travelled to India for 4 shows in 3 cities, won second place in a Battle of the Bands competition and played in various Sydney venues.

How Far We’ve Come is a new take on a song written in the early stages of the band’s life, featuring strong harmonies and catchy saxophone melodies. It’s an ode to those moments of self-reflection that occur when one visits an old place, reminding us of the inevitable passing of time. Setting aside the bitter feelings often associated with those moments, this song focuses on the sense of pride in achievements that only appear visible once pointed out. It is also a love-song, a declamation of those thoughts to the person that accompanied you on this journey.

The song was recorded in Gerrit’s living room in Coogee (affectionately known as Bay Street Records) and mixed at Bay Street Records and Hercules Studios. The video was shot in Coogee and edited by The TAG Collective, the couch was designed by a team of UNSW students. The one-shot style video with its constant flow and movement is meant as a lighthearted illustration of the themes of the song (and between us, we really wanted to use this remote-controlled red couch in a video).

“How Far We’ve Come” by CITIZEN OF THE WORLD will be released 12th June 2015


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