Theo Berndt – “Stop Pretend” New Single OUT TODAY

Theo BerndtIn the fall of 2014 Theo Berndt were back with a new single two years after their debut album. ”Atomic” was released in November and mixed with Anders Lagerfors and Andreas Söderlund to bring out a more honest sound from the band. The song was premiered on Swedish national radio and played from Japan to England, and released with a video which got a lot of attention from the blogosphere.

The new single ”Stop pretend” starts where ”Atomic” ended. It is chapter two in a story which will continue with a tour during the spring and, further on, a new collection of songs. If ”Atomic” wanted to encourage the listener to think bigger, ”Stop pretend” is a challenge to make the listener think twice, to not use others to make yourself feel better and to step back and let other people step forward.

Theo Berndt is a group of different and colorful personalities. Their first album ”F.E.A.R.S” brought them to Asia, where Theo-mania broke loose in the record stores of Tokyo. The singles Supersized” and ”It’s complicated” were played on radio and followed by a month of touring at sold-out venues.

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