SHOW REVIEW – Clutch and The Spirit of Rock n’ Roll

ClutchReview By  Matt Bacon
Review from Vandala Magazine; January 2015 Edition – Read Interviews, Reviews and more in Januarys issue FREE HERE

To be perfectly honest, before last night I didn’t know all that much about Clutch. Sure I heard Earth Rocker and thought it was pretty good, but I had no clue they were big enough to have multiple techs, and a merch guy as well as huge backdrop. There was a sense of…not necessarily extravagance, but certainly something like it, speaking the greater power of rock and roll. When the time came for them to storm onto the stage the entire crowd was going mad with anticipation, this is the event they had been waiting for, some for almost all their lives.

As the band rushed the stage, I immediately realized that not only are these dudes absolute professionals, they have an understanding of what it means to be rock and roll that only comes with having toured for parts of three decades. Their riffs are huge, melodic lines epic, and the entire crowd sang along. Neil Fallon is one of this generations last rock gods. Vital and vicious his delivery has an impressive energy to it, he is a pleasure to watch play simply because he is so wonderfully manic. As he guides the crowd with theatrical gestures and lots of eye contact he proves that the true spirit of rock and roll is not lost.

Simply put, Clutch are coming through in a time where rock and roll is very much quashed. Their jam heavy tones and pummeling grooves are of a sort that will leave you on bended knee, a slave to the beautiful rock and roll magic that defines Clutch. Watching them is a timeless experience, sure there are touches of seventies rock and eighties glamour in there, but there are also moments that seem almost futuristic. Clutch is a band out of time, and because of that, there appeal is immense! They have captured something distinctly human, and I think now and forevermore Clutch will reign proudly because of it.

So, last night at the Electric Factory, within all the madness and random appearances from other musicians who were just there for the show (I watched Torche with John Baizley of Baroness) I started to realize the greater power of this band. They speak to some sort of defining idea of rebellion and anarchy within all of us, and give us a chance to look for our own sense of freedom. As I navigated the dank backstage and humble dressing rooms, I had a chance to really understand, Clutch get what rock n roll is all about, and that is what makes them one of the worlds defining rock bands.

Check out our on location interview with
Tim Sult of Clutch on Page 30 of January 2015 Vandala Magazine Read HERE FREE ONLINE


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