InVogue Records Releases FREE Label Sampler Feat. Tracks From Being As An Ocean, Hotel Books, Famous Last Words,and Many More

InVogue Records Winter SamplerInVogue Records has released a free winter sampler that you can download here. The sampler includes 17 songs and the tracklisting is below.

1) Being As An Ocean – Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air
2) Hotel Books – Constant Collapse
3) Famous Last Words – Council Of The Dead
4) Dayseeker – Collision.Survive
5) The Bad Chapter – Cheers To The Down And Outs
6) Hawthorne Heights – Ohio Is For Lovers (Acoustic)
7) For All I Am – Tunnel Vision
8) Kingdom Of Giants – Ground Culture
9) Whether, I – Half Life
10) JT Woodruff – Candle On The Still Water
11) Worthwhile – Unlovable
12) Let It Happen – Astray
13) Until We Are Ghosts – Wearing Thin
14) Sienna Skies – Even Stronger
15) Akissforjersey – Everything New
16) Helia – GAIA
17) City Lights – Promises

InVogue Records


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