Beach House Heats Up Calgary

Beach-House-ShowArticle By Darian Magee
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Maryland’s finest, Beach House first entered the music scene in 2004 with their Pitchfork acclaimed single “Apple Orchard”. Known for their cosmic vibrations and somber melodies, the band first came into the spotlight with their self-titled album released in 2006. Since then, they’ve produced 3 more albums and a baker’s dozen of singles, having embarked on an impressive amount of tours since their creation. Fortunately, I was able to see one this month.

Baltimore’s Beach House sure made this writer feel like she was living in a ‘Teen Dream’ after heating up Calgary’s fall air. Playing at the packed Republik Nightclub, fans found themselves enchanted by Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand’s sold out show. For such a small venue, the visuals were phenomenal and after the first chord of “Master of None” struck, I already found myself begging for more. Although not very engaging, the two maintained a stage presence unmatched by any artist of their genre. Presenting an aura of angelic mystique, the band made up for their lack of movement with Legrand’s extraordinary vocals. Intense yet temperate, Scally’s crooning acoustics were complemented perfectly by the French born singer.

Listeners were lulled into reverie right til the end, treated to a variety of fan favourites like “Luzuli”, “Other People” and “Zebra”. None however, could compare to their last few songs when the dreamy duo were joined by opening acts Sky Skjelset and Steve Strohmeier. Despite their short time together, the combined power of the four was astronomical and made for an outstanding encore.

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