Live Coverage – Over the Top With Overkill

OverkillReview by By Matt Bacon
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7 PM, I’m in the train on my way to see thrash metal legends Overkill. I prepared myself mentally for an evening of thrash metal madness, but also some cool alt metal vibes with Prong. I got to see three acts on this fine evening, and Overkill certainly took the cake, proving that New Jersey thrash will never die. As I got to the Trocadero, one of Philly’s finest venues it looked like the older metal crowd had come out in full force. Sure the Eagles had lost, but that wasn’t going to ruin our night of heavy metal fun!

The first band up was the thrash act Orcus. Their sound wasn’t super innovative, but it got the job done. This is the kind of basic, primal, yet also powerful thrash metal that forms the foundation of the genre. I thought it was really cool that Overkill were kind enough to let a local act open up for them. The band certainly brought their A-game and played some very tight music. The band had some really cool choruses too that helped to keep things fun and dynamic. As the hometown faithful chanted along, the band seemed to really hit their stride. Though their set was a mere half hour long, it certainly got me excited to see them again!

Next to play was Prong. Now I had heard their latest record and very much enjoyed it, and though they didn’t play my personal favorite track (Remove Separate Self) they certainly gave the crowd a good time. Their big choruses, poppy guitar lines, and chunky riffs allowed for the entire audience to get going. As the pit started, you could already tell it was going to be a good night. Sure there sound might not be ideal for opening for a band like Overkill, but with a set this tight, who can really complain? It was clear that the past two weeks of touring had honed Prong into a well oiled machine and on this final night of the tour they truly rocked.

Finally it was time for Overkill to come on. Of the old thrash greats I am perhaps least familiar with these guys, but as chants of “OVERKILL, OVERKILL” started up, I started to get really excited. The entirety of their set was exciting and powerful. Blitz has a truly exciting voice that powered through the opener Armorist and never let up for a minute. And let me say, Blitz is truly a great thrash metal frontman, from his wonderful stage banter to his great stage presence (Including knowing when to step off the stage and give the spotlight to the rest of the band) helps to make Overkill a great live act.

It was really cool to get to see all of the thrash faithful, dudes who’d been going to concerts for three decades headbang to these classics. The fact that Overkill are from right across the river in New Jersey was not lost on anybody and made the concert an even more personal experience. As the band blazed through classics both old and new it was possible to see that this is the kind of group who prove that true thrash will never die. Overkill know how to stand and deliver, so it’s really just a matter of going out to the show and preparing to be blown the f*ck away.

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17 – Rock & Shock Festival – Worcester – MA
25 – Hell & Heaven Festival – Mexico City – MX
30 – Razz 2 – Barcelona – ESP
31 – Shoko – Madrid – ESP


1 – Paradise Garaje – Lisbon – PT
2 – Kafe Antzokia – Bilbao – ESP
3 – Le Vox – Toulon – F
4 – Live Club – Milano – IT
5 – Z7 – Pratteln – CH
6 – Substage – Karlsruhe – GER
7 – Rosenhof – Osnabrück – GER
8 – Tivoli – Bremen – GER
9 – Hirsch – Nürnberg – GER
11 – Colos Saal – Aschaffenburg – GER
12 – Markthalle – Hamburg – GER
13 – Postbahnhof – Berlin – GER
14 – Essigfabrik – Cologne – GER
15 – De Pul – Ueden – NL


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