REVIEW – The Glorious Sons “Rock Is Not Dead” + New Video for Heavy & Tour Dates

Review and Photos by Crystal Lee - Vandala Photography
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While other places had crappy weather and even snow I made my way with the AC to Flashbacks in Kelowna, BC. This is a city that has a ton of local talent and even more pass through including some pretty big names. Airbourne, The Glorious Sons and Flash Lightin’ were on the bill for the night. This was an early show and I got to the doors and was able to talk to a few of the fans. I myself was there to see The Glorious Sons since I had a sneak peak of their new album while most said Airbourne. Though I have to say the Glorious Sons came and impressed.

First of was Flash Lightin’ with their beardless lead vocalist. I was thrown off since at first I was not sure if this was the band I saw at Keloha Music and Art Festival due to the lack of facial hair. I loved their music though I knew at Keloha I was not seeing their best. When they were on stage it was 40 degrees Celsius according to my car and it felt a lot hotter in the photo pit. Though without a boiling hot sun I saw the real Flash Lightin’, fun, alive and just great rockers. They went on first right after the doors opened, and before anyone had a few drinks thus had a hard task of getting the crowd warmed up. Eventually they did and shows how talented they are.

By the time The Glorious Sons went on the place was packed with all ages and types; 19 to even a 68 year old man. Club wear to bicker clothing was sported which again shows that good rock brings out the masses. While interacting with many of the fans bam, The Glorious Sons come out with their hit “ The Heavy”. The crowd was hooked within minutes to this band. It was one of those moments that you knew this was going to be one amazing night on the stage.Right off with singing “The Heavy” lead singer Brett Emmons was so comfortable on stage and was a pleasure to watch. At times he even went in his own little world of just feeling the music. This guy has passion and not the fake kind you see all the time, this is the type that the crowd feels the love he has playing every show.

Already the night was becoming a touch of the 70’s just all the good parts of the 70’s. As I listened to the band play I thought about their newest album “The Union” which is a really great album and top of the line recording and songs but the band makes it come alive performing live. With so many up and coming bands you can listen to their really good albums but the live performance makes you feel empty and unfulfilled. While you have Glorious Sons which knocked 15 years off my age and make me feel like I was back in University rocking it out. A feeling this editor needs to feel once and while to keep the passion going.

A highlight of the show was when they sang “Mama”. This is one of those songs that be it your 55 or 19 you love. For myself I felt like I was in my dad’s old pickup truck going fishing with him listening to his classic rock but this is 2014 and I am an adult listening to a song that brings the classic rock songs back to life even with a little Harmonica which I will touch on.

Harmonica players I can be brutal on and it’s no secret I will be critical to every detail when a musician is playing the harmonica. The lead singer did play the harmonica part in the song mama, this after a few songs and working the stage. Guess what he can actually really play that thing. I have been to so many shows that the young guys “think” they can play the harmonica. Not the case here –the guy can play and just like his passion for the stage it came through the harmonica. Yes a few little issues time and practice will fix but most of the great harmonica players have been sitting playing unlike this guy who worked the stage and got the crowd in to a frenzy which shows his skill.

After The Glorious Sons were done, I heard fans say “OMG they are f#cking amazing” another said “these young guys are keeping real rock alive” and another guy yelled “Rock is not Dead”. I have to agree. This crowd was ready for Airbourne and The Glorious Sons were the best opener they could ever have! Of course Airbourne got the crown going insane, with their stage presence and more. Yes they put on a spectacular show but we all know that but for me the Glorious Sons were the highlight.

High interaction with the crowd, floor shaking (literally), crowd participation and getting the fans louder than the band? Yes all in one night with 3 bands at Flashback Kelowna, BC where these bands are keeping real rock alive.

10/8 – Kitchener, ON @ Dallas Nightclub *
10/9 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall *
10/10 – London, ON @ Norma Jean’s *
11/11 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks *
10/15 – Kingston, ON @ The Ale House *
10/16 – Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre *
10/17 – Quebec City, QC @ Theatre Du Capitole *
10/19 – Halifax, NS @ The Marquee Club *
11/10 – Winnipeg, MB @ Burton Cummings Theatre †
11/11 – Brandon, MB @ The 40 at Trails Inn †
11/14 – Saskatoon, SK @ O’Brian’s Event Centre †
11/15 – Prince Albert, SK @ Art Hauser Centre †
11/17 – Grande Prairie, AB @ Better Than Fred’s †
11/18 – Grande Prairie, AB @ Better Than Fred’s †
11/20 – Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall †
11/21 – Calgary, AB @ Flames Central †
11/22 – Lethbridge, AB @ Average Joe’s †
11/25 – Nanaimo, BC @ Port Theatre †
11/26 – Victoria, BC @ Sugar Nightclub †
11/29 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom †
12/01 – Kamloops, BC @ Cactus Jack’s †
12/02 – Medicine Hat, AB @ Esplanade Arts Centre †
12/03 – Regina, SK @ Casino Regina Lounge †

* w/Airbourne
† w/The Trews


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