Palm Ghosts Share “Airplane Jane”

Palm Ghosts  Airplane JanePhiladelphia-based Indie Americana group Palm Ghosts are pleased to share “Airplane Jane”, the latest single from their upcoming self-titled LP, available August 27th on Surreal Soundworks. Combining the classic pop songwriting of Elliott Smith and Paul Simon with the dark American Folk of Townes Van Zant on their debut album, Palm Ghosts, the band presents eight introspective stories about love and loss. Comprised of singer-songwriter Joseph Lekkas (who also plays guitars, bass, keyboards and banjo on the recordings) and joined by Walt Epting (drums), Maura Dwyer (cello), Vince Tampio (trumpet) and Alex Yaker (organ), Palm Ghosts describe themselves as Sun-Damaged American Music. Songwriter Joseph Lekkas explains the track. “It’s basically a break up song that takes you into the mind of the half that won’t let go, holding on to the slim chance that love will rekindle, even though a continent divides them.”  In three weeks, the band will also embark on a 10 day tour of the east coast. A list of full dates are below.

After the dissolution of longtime band, Grammar Debate!, in the summer of 2010, songwriter Joseph Lekkas took a self-imposed hiatus from writing and performing music. For the better part of three years, he lived overcome with daily anxieties, a prisoner to a constant sense of fight or flight. Through the help of close friends and family, he was able to regain his joy for living. He found that translating his thoughts and feelings into song was not only therapeutic, but necessary for him to conquer his anxieties. Four years later he re-emerged with a set of songs he self-recorded with the help of a few longtime collaborators. These are those songs.

Self-produced and recorded in a warehouse in an old industrial section of the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia during one of the most brutal winters in the city’s history, Palm Ghosts is a collection of songs documenting life’s contrasts, where darkness thrives in broad daylight, sadness rings through major chords and desolation greets you with a smile. The songs reverberate with desperation and heartbreak, yet glimmer with a delicate sheen of optimism and hope. Much like the radiant end of a long, frigid winter.

Live Dates:
8/20 Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn
8/21 Newport, KY @ Southgate House Revival
8/22 Pittsburgh, PA @ AVA Cafe and Lounge
8/23 Washington, DC @ Treehouse Lounge
8/24 Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s
8/25 New York, NY @ The Map Room
8/26 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
8/27 Baltimore, MD @ Joe Squared
8/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill


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