Live Coverage – The Weekend Kids Impressive Opening For Good Riddance

weekend kidsReview by Dustin Griffin

Opening for Good Riddance on May 2nd at the Pawn Shop on Whyte, Edmonton pop punkers The Weekend Kids tore through a set which consisted of most of their recorded songs (which you can find for free on their bandcamp page).

Lots of bands develop that ‘these dudes are my brothers’ mentality, but The Weekend Kids one up them by actually being brothers (well, three brothers and a cousin to be exact). Although it sounds schtick-ish, these four waste no time silencing naysayers and thoroughly impressing newcomers with their particular brand of catchy pop punk with an angry edge. Two songs into their set in early May and I probably looked as though I needed an assistant beside me to push my chompers back together. A peep at any of their videos on their YouTube channel  confirms not only their tightness as a unit, but the talent they wield over their respective instruments.

More than once during their brief half hour set, I found myself wondering how these guys aren’t riding the magic carpet of success with the level of exposure of a band like Ten Second Epic or Ill Scarlett, despite winning local songwriting contests and being featured as radio station Sonic 102.9’s popular Band of the Month spotlight. Their hiatus may have had something to do with that though. The band recently took a year off and hadn’t actually played together in six months before greasing up the crowd’s energy at the Pawn Shop that night. But they have informed that a new record is in the works, and with it more touring and, as far as I’m concerned, without a doubt more recognition on a national stage.

So go see them when you can, and get their merch while it’s still cheap, the last time I was at an Ill Scalett show, the t-shirts alone were going for 30 buck a pop.

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