Rock N’ Rollers SINNER SINNERS Release New Music Video for ‘Modern Man’

Sinner SinnersLA-based rock n’ rollers SINNER SINNERS are pleased to release a music video for their single ‘Modern Man’, available for viewing now via the band’s VEVO page here:

The video features blistering performance footage spliced in with live-action storytelling. The video is directed by Jettho (Jeremy Thomas) this time, in Los Angeles.

Filming wasn’t a total breeze – the band had a run-in with the local authorities while trying to finish the video! “When we shot James running around and yelling at the camera, it was so convincing that the cops actually flew in and surrounded us with three cars and asked us out of the car at gunpoint, all in line with our hands on our head to question us, standard procedure,” states Steve Thill. “When they put the flashlights to our faces and recognized us, they apologized, asked for a few autographs and we went back to filming.” Talk about a close call!

Steve adds, “This video was inspired by David Lynch’s Lost Highway when we originally came up with the idea, but a more Urban version. It was mostly a good excuse to chase our friend around and make him run.”

The band also has another new music video available for viewing for the single ‘No Hard Feelings’, which is a tongue-in-cheek video based on having fun with French clichés, all exaggerated, of course. The video was created by Riot House Production and shot by Damien Bour and Alexis Magand. Check it out here:

SINNER SINNERS recently released their brand new album, XI, via their own independent label, Cadavra Records.

This is just the beginning for SINNER SINNERS! To learn more about the band, please visit these websites:
Twitter and Instagram: @sinnersinners


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