Photos and Video From The Shoes at the Streaming Café, Kelowna, BC April 12th

This up and coming band blew me away! I caught them at one of my favorite spots the “Streaming Cafe” in Kelowna, BC. Formed in 2011, this is THE SHOES (t.i.T.S) write and perform raw-toned, dirty rock & roll with a nod to the sounds of the Mississippi Delta, Southern Soul and late 60s Garage Rock. Sabrina’s voice is a powerhouse and mixture of blues, rock etc. Her voice has a raw, blues sound with a touch pure rock. The only thing bigger than her voice is her wonderful personality which made a amazing show.  Did I mention she plays the harmonica like a pro? Just watch for your self and you will be hooked.

Check the band out at they have a EP out at Photos below and the BEST PART – WATCH the video performance yourself since the you can watch live ( WATCH THE SHOES HERE) or save a performance for later with the Streaming Cafe –

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