The Mouth of Ghosts Return With ‘You Will Go Again From Me’ EP

The Mouth of Ghosts

Counting Tom Robinson as just one of their many fans, The Mouth of Ghosts return in 2014 with gorgeously genre-defying EP, ‘You Will Go Again From Me’, set for release on 16 March 2014. Attention fans of Portishead and Massive Attack – get your ears ready if this band are not on your radar.

Founding band members Simon Langford (guitar) and Marco Italia (bass) met Alla Seydalieva in 2011, matching her powerful yet dainty vocals with ragged guitar and dark grooves. Drummer Phil Page joined the trio later that year and in 2012, Valerie Deniz (vocals, synth) completed the line-up making the band a five.

Emotionally-driven trip-hop is the London-based quintet’s weapon of choice and ‘You Will Go Again From Me’ sees the band take it a step further, weaving soulful and trippy textures that flatter Alla’s spectral high-ranging vocals.

Simon Langford (guitar) says “The EP was recorded in 2013, but due to a variety of inconceivable events wasn’t released until this year. Later in 2014 we plan to record a full length album.”

‘You Will Go From Me’ presents a real and rare variety of compositions not often found in the plethora of unsigned recordings these days, its ordering carefully curated as an exquisite detail.

First track ‘Wrong’ opens with whispers before hotfooting it into a distinctly trippy groove. This brash, confident vibe is a stark contrast to second track ‘Winter’s Song’ where we see Alla (vocals) unveiled, naked, vunerable. ‘Right On Time’ is a return to a sassier, sexy side of the band, before final piece ‘You Will Go’ closes the work with a sullen and dark finale.

The Mouth Of Ghosts ooze an air of sensuality, their atmospheric work translating into awesome yet chilling alt-rock live shows that permit Alla’s unparalleled vocals to reign supreme.

The EP continues to deliver the band’s perfect dichotomy between a despondent gothic vibe and pretty, delicate guitar (albeit maintaining that typical deep morosity we expect from The Mouth of Ghosts). The result of these aural acrobatics pushes the band into an entirely different league of musicians.

The band released their debut single ‘When The Sun Sets’ in October 2012 (with ‘Close’ as a B-side) and are considered a mainstay of the alternative London music scene. Expect much more from these guys very soon.

Preorder at Bandcamp and get a free track:



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