Animal Style Records Release Charity Label Sampler

Animal Style Records Charity Label SamplerAnimal Style Records has released a digital label sampler for charity, in celebration of the recent marriage of label founder Matt Medina. The sampler, which features cover songs from 4 acts on the label’s roster, is now available digitally for $4.00 on the Animal Style Records Bandcamp page, with all proceeds being donated to
To download the sampler:
1. Mixtapes – We (Originally performed by Descendents)
2. Born Without Bones – El Scorcho (Originally performed by Weezer)
3. We Are The Union – Moosh (Originally performed by Bigwig)
4. Wolves At Bay – I’ll Catch You (Originally performed by The Get Up Kids)
“We got married on January 19, 2014, and with the help of our friends in Mixtapes, Born Without Bones, We Are the Union, and Wolves at Bay, we released a 7” to commemorate the occasion, said Matt and Jess Medina, “We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends, but we recognize that not everyone in our country is so fortunate. We want to make the songs available to a larger audience and donate the proceeds to because we support everyone’s right to love and marry.”

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