THE UNGUIDED Premiere Video for “Inception”

THE UNGUIDED the Swedish band featuring former Sonic Syndicate members Richard Sjunnesson (vocals), Roland Johansson (vocals) and Roger Sjunnesson guitar; (Richard‘s brother) will release their debut album Fragile Immortality in early 2014!

THE UNGUIDED premieres the first video from the album for the song “Inception”.  The video was directed by 11Frame Productions.

Vocalist Richard Sjunnesson spoke about the video and the album: “If you take a brief peek in the rear-view mirror of our career, this music video is the thirteenth professional production to date. We’ve basically tried and done everything when it comes to music videos, so we asked ourselves; how the hell do we top all that, with this release!? Certainly this massive album deserves to be spoiled with an equally spectacular music video!”

“The answer came to be fairly obvious. We simply had to shift gear up to “ludicrous speed” and add “extra everything” to the project, of course in our own unguided fashion. And with the right allies in; 11Frames Production, right band and the right song; we’ve certainly made our carriers most impressive and brutal creation; up to date!”

“Just imagine the opportunity to have a show; in a machine infested city, were laser sights are following your every move, right in the middle of an epic battle between heavens cast outs, while a nuclear firestorm is moving closer. I can’t picture a better location to unleash the live energy of The Unguided, and that’s exactly what happens in this production! We had a lot of fun scripting and recording this, hope you’ll have as much fun, watching it. Only robots were harmed in the making of this music video.”

UnguidedThe digital single of “Inception” will be available in North America on January 21, 2014 and December 20, 2013 in the rest of the world.

Fragile Immortality features highly infectious melodies combined with metallic heaviness and turns songs like “Blodbad” or “Inception” into hymns of a new generation. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the vocal duo Roland Johansson & Richard Sjunnesson, who also branded the trademark sound of SONIC SYNDICATE. The new songs were mixed and mastered at the legendary “Studio Fredman” by Fredrik Nordström & Henric Udd. Fragile Immortality breathes new life into the Melodic Death Metal genre and furthermore sets the band’s course to become one of the big players in the music world.

With Fragile Immortality,listeners can expect a highly dynamic and electrifying Melodic Death Metal Album! The future belongs to THE UNGUIDED!

Fragile Immortality / Release-Dates:

2/11/14: USA/CAN

1/31/14: GAS/FIN & BENELUX

2/3/14: UK/Rest of Europe

2/5/14: ESP/SWE/NOR

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