Albums You May Have Missed and Need To Check Out From Epitaph

As we see the last days of 2013 and wrap up another year, another label that we love is Epitaph. We were fortunate to interview and review some of their top acts such as Bad Religion. So if you missed any of these albums be sure to check them out!

2013 Interview with Bad ReligionBad Religion – True North (INTERVIEW HERE) –Punk legend released their 16th studio album, and celebrate the power of cogent punk in the face of personal pain and adversity. The storied band deliberately revisits and refines the powerful and melodic Southern California sound they helped to define.

Off With Their Heads – Home – Home is also the strongest collection of the band’s songs to date. The phrase “punk” gets thrown around a lot, but Off With Their Heads has eschewed trends and embodied that ethic with every ounce of their being. Home is their best-sounding album to date which takes the group’s sound to the next level without sacrificing the palpable passion that’s made them underground favorites.

Alkaline Trio “My Shame Is True” (Pop/Punk)Alkaline – Trio My Shame Is True (READ REVIEW) – Eighth studio album from the dark punk trio. Feverishly determined to never make the same record twice, Alkaline Trio nevertheless have preserved the most electric elements of their collaborative songwriting abilities, as their most diehard listeners have come to expect, while ever broadening their palette with new colors and extremes.

Bring Me The Horizon -Sempiternal – Taking the old English word meaning “everlasting” Sempiternal to call their album, is here to reclaim the word “epic”. The UK breakout metal outfit took a new approach. They added atmospheric flourishes that compliment Oli Syke’s newly-bolstered vocal approach – swooping choruses with heartfelt croons to cathartic screams.

Retox YPLL – (INTERVIEW HERE) – Bringing his artistic vision to the group, Justin Pearson of The Locust combines the jagged edges of stripped down/back-to-basics rock n’ roll with bombastic attitude and art-rock intelligentsia, using the prism of the past to look toward the potential brilliance of the future. YPLL uses the power of the riff and the passion of the scream to conjure diatribes about the human condition.

Falling In Reverse – Fashionably Late – Falling In Reverse’s new music elicits vivid memories and visceral feelings that can only be summoned by warmly familiar elements from all that the best of the music world has offered before, while sounding impossibly fresh. Fashionably Late is exactly right on time, demonstratively declaring Falling In Reverse’s supreme understanding and mastery of modern times and poised for a breakthrough into the pop culture stratosphere. Fashionably Late is at once strikingly new and timeless.

Shy Kidx – Orion EP – The question is, who is Shy Kidx? He is an Italian producer, Pietro Ventimiglia, who is undeniably ready to take on the world. He toured all summer on the first EDM stage at Warped Tour, and the first electronic artist on Epitaph. Shy Kidx’s mantra is simple “I just can’t wait to bring this music to whoever wants to hear it and make people dance.” And that’s a good thing, because he continues to climb the charts as his track “Orion” is prominently featured in a Toyota Corolla Commercial.

Transplants – In A Warzone – Three years since we last heard from Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker, and Rob Aston, In A Warzone sees the band more raw and stripped down than previous releases. The third album from the trio shows a growth and maturity for the band, all whole sticking to the distinct Transplants style.

letlive – The Blackest Beautiful – The explosive energy of letlive. has been captured, like lightning in a bottle, on The Blackest Beautiful. Melodies soar, genres collide, unique instrumentation abounds and the overarching spirit is both magnetic and destructive. At The Drive In, Refused, Glassjaw, and Blood Brothers are names that are often rightly tossed around in the same breath as letlive. – not because of any replication, but more because of the spirit of adventure, critical thinking and collective individualism.

Veara Growing Up Is Killing MeVeara – Growing Up Is Killing Me – Growing Up Is Killing Me is a huge sonic step forward for this powerful band. Beneath the ear-candy layered power chords, the band have an urgent message about life, friendship, and betrayal and they are expressing the only way they know how: Through their music. The band hopes that when fans listen to the album, they know that they are not alone in the process of growing up.

Survive This! The Life That You’ve Chosen – Produced by Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse, Survive This! can successfully merge chaotic chugging with soaring choruses with neither part sounding out of place. Then there are the electronic flourishes and accents that help take the album to the next level sonically and emotionally. Oh, and the band’s knack for crafting innovative breakdowns doesn’t hurt either.

Bad Religion Christmas Songs – Revered punk rock legend Bad Religion released a Christmas album, Christmas Songs, featuring 8 new studio recordings of traditional Christmas hymns and an alternate mix of their single “American Jesus”. “This might be the most subversive album we’ve done,” co-songwriter and guitarist Brett Gurewitz explains. “To me, what the album is indirectly stating is that this music, and thus the world, can be powerful and beautiful stripped of god and religion. These are just really good songs, and a historically non-religious band like Bad Religion can perform them with as much power and feeling as anyone.”

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