Album Review – Knights of the Turntables “On Road EP” (Hip Hop)

Knights of the Turntables “On Road EP” Spitting raw rhymes over tough beats, Knights of the Turntables puts South coast UK on the map of underground street rap in the most visceral way. On Road EP consists of a diverse group of musicians, emcees, Shang, IC1, King Solomon, producers, King Solomon, DJ Alzee on the cuts and vocalist Gemma Anderson. Each track has a deep sense of individualism since most tracks are conceived of different permutations within this group of unique individuals. Their beats are made up of 4-8 bar loops with straight ahead boom bap drums and classical samples. The dark, minor strings, piano, and organ samples give the release a dark, sinister, almost tortured sense, a mood much like watching the Dark Knight. The track, Truth In You is a soulful display of sentimentality due to Gemma Anderson’s fluttering R&B voice on the hook while Shang lists what he finds annoying about “average” rappers nowadays and how he is the antithesis of their mediocrity during the verse. “Forget a video, clothes, walking into a show, if your words mean nothing when you’re dropping a flow. You can be dumb in the head, or a nuclear physicist, but it takes true passion to be a lyricist.” It’s true. Rappers often get-side tracked into braggadocio; showing off how much money they’ve got rolled up, what expensive cars they are riding and how many video girls they’ve got. Although all this can be appealing, it clearly lacks substance, which is what K.O.T.T brings up consistently throughout this EP.   3/5 Dragons

 Knights of the Turntables Online: &

 – Review by Bag

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