Show Review – Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Teebs One Stage

Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Teebs One Stage  Whenever a really promising show is set to happen at the Vogue Theatre, I make sure to go early to grab the best seat in the house, which is centre balcony. As I took my seat, I quickly noticed the army of high school kids hanging out right in front of the stage. While I had no idea such youngins were into experimental, electronic beat music, it was a moment of joy that warmed my heart. While I waited, I asked the kids beside me who was opening, “Teebs, but I have no idea who that is,” they responded. At this moment, my night was made. It was the kid’s first concert ever, and he was about to see a killer lineup of diversity: The deep, cinematic soundscape beats of Teebs, Thundercat’s wild fusion jazz band, Flying Lotus’ visually and sonically awe-inspiring display of substance packaged nicely into a tight DJ set.

As Teebs started twisting the knobs on his SP-404, I realized I was witnessing something special, and totally out of expectations from seeing him less than a year ago. The texturally rich and enormous atmospheric beat soundscapes filled the cavernous hall not only tickling my sense of hearing, but also the sense of touch. While the bass loosened up my body like a massage, shaking every molecule in the theatre with so much depth and feeling, the prestigious sound system projected high frequencies that would feel as though my facial follicles were being shaved off in the finest, most refreshing way. His cinematic tracks took me on a ride through the clouds and I never wanted to come back down. It was truly a memorable and moving experience.

As a three piece, keyboards, drums and bass, Thundercat’s band collectively played with so much feel, emotion, dynamics and skill that no one in the venue could take their eyes off for a second. The drummer was hitting so hard that his sticks basically disintegrated in his hands during the first song. He played so freely that every bar would be a different pattern, groove time signature, it was dizzying, but the band never lost their place. The most endearing part of the night was when Thundercat dedicated the song, DMT to Austin Peralta, his friend and bandmate that passed away recently.

Only Flying Lotus could come out after such stellar musicians. With his 3D, double projection screens, and two tall LED bars on either sides, he kicked off the set with his Erykah Badu collaboration track, See Thru to U. DJing his way through the set coupled with the visuals was a blast to see. In addition, there were new, fresh animations and sequences along with some old ones creating some nostalgia while being super curious and intrigued at the same time. Also, he performed a bunch of Captain Murphy tracks, which is his infamous rap project. To top the night off and send good vibes to the kids, Thundercat performed Oh Sheit it’s X with Flying Lotus as an encore!

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– Review by Bag


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