Interview – Rykka a Natural Talent and Just Good Music

Rykka---KelownaNot very often as the editor in chief do I get super excited and pulled away from my desk. Though when I received Rykka’s press release not only was I blown away by her album I was intrigued. So I made my way to Kelowna, BC to catch her live and talk with her.

I got to the smaller venue Streaming Café (they stream the shows live) in Kelowna – many may like going to the larger venues but I enjoy the smaller ones like the Streaming Café which is a hidden gem. Beautiful local artwork on the wall, bright (the photographer me was thankful), windows open and a friendly atmosphere (both crowd and staff). Even though I was early, right away I was greeted by the wonderful Rykka (Christina Maria) herself just before sound check.

I love to see artists warm up and in sound check, being in the music industry as long as I have I like to see the raw and real talent, most of all to see how real it is. I can tell you I was impressed right away by Rykka! She is not only beautiful inside and outside but a natural talent. Her voice sounds right off the album even in the sound check! The Streaming café was a perfect place to enjoy Rykka live since you just got Rykka for who she is.

This young woman was one of my favorite interviews since she was so pure and nothing else. Her latest album Kodiak was released via her own label Vissen Records. This driven artist and I talked about her traveling back and forth from Switzerland and other travels, the meaning of the album along with the making of the album and so much more. READ FULL INTERVIEW I JULY 2013 VANDALA MAGAZINE

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