Interview – A Return to Primal Brutality with Exhumed

Matt Harvey is an interesting dude, and something of a legend. When he rerecords a record, you better damn well listen, because it just may change your life

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Live Coverage – Exhumed “Erupting Eardrums”

Exhumed, now there is a band name which strikes fear into men and regret into plenty of lasses. These guys have been erupting eardrums since 1992 and watching them tear up the stage was a pleasure that I will not soon forget.

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Album Review – The Skints “FM” (Frequency Murderation)

“FM” starts with a broadcast. A DJ setting the mood for what will come. A ‘frequency murderation.’ As the record unfolds, it will be punctuated with these faux radio related intermissions, as minute long radio shows like the ‘Dancehall Dilemmas’ and ‘The Grim Hour’ help give “FM” a true reggae on the dial feel.

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