Free Music, Streaming & Videos

7339886-music-word-collage-on-white-background-illustration copyLots of great artists give their fans free music along with amazing music videos and Vandala sees much of it music pass through our desks. So we thought we would share their music and videos! In supporting independent labels and artists we always recommend if its name your price you should donate something or go see these acts live since making awesome music is not cheap and takes a ton of time to make an amazing song, album, and video. Check back regularly as these pages are ever changing.

Click on your Favorite genre of
music to find the downloads and music videos:

Pop     Alternative     Folk     Folk Rock     Singer-Songwriter     

Indie Rock      Rock     Hard Rock     Punk     Hardcore/Metalcore     Metal    

Electronic/Dance     Hip Hop/Rap     RnB/Soul       Reggae   

 Country/Honky Tonk/Hillbilly  



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